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Sunday, February 22, 2015
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Have you ever sat around at your kitchen table looking through old photographs?  Had your family over to show them your latest vacation pictures...    Those are good times!

Just think.. if they were on a CD, this might never happen... since you may have forgotten where you put the CD or your computer may not be working.  So many things could make it so you miss those special times with family..  You probably told yourself, I will make a scrapbook one day and print the images.  When that day comes you will need to hope the images are still working on that CD. 

Here at Vivid Impressions Photography we value your family story.   When you come to Vivid Impressions Photography, we can help you pick the best pictures from your session and help you print them and frame them  in sizes that will fit your home.  When you have prints you are always able to go get that photo album or box that you are keeping them in and reminisce about the time you shared with loved ones.  As you sit around a table with your family and look at these photos... you are also communicating with one another about the great times that you had.  This is very important today in a society that has become so removed from family time.    This is your family’s history and years down the road you will still have the prints,  but will the cd still be working?  Or will it have become replaced by some other electronic device, that will no longer take your CD.  Think about what has happened to the floppy disc. 

At Vivid Impressions Photography we value your history,  the special times of your family.   We look forward to helping you capture these moments to share with your family and friends.  Give us a call today to make your appointment for Newborn, Family, or Senior Portraits.  We also offer Pets and can photograph your event.  

One last thought.. Many people say the prints do not keep well,  I have prints that are over 40 years old and they look as good as they day I received them.. so do not worry about that. 


Thanks for reading and Have a Great Day!

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